Media Education Platform Fameuz participates in the 4th Zürich Summit

Oct 3rd, 2017

The Zurich Summit is one of the leading platforms for the creative industries. It brings together renowned figures from film, entertainment business, and media, as well as the investors and representatives from the financial sector from all over the world. The Summit has its roots in the Film Finance Forum that is held every year in New York, Cannes, Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro. This year the 4th edition of the Summit took place from September 30th to October 1st in Switzerland, at the Dolder Grand hotel, and was organized with the help of Spoundation Motion Picture AG, in collaboration with Winston | Baker and the Zurich Film Festival.

Fameuz's Participation at the Zurich Summit

One of the main goals of the Zurich Summit is to allow the creative industries to learn from other successful models, adapt them and enhance their profitability. This year, the main theme of the summit was to examine and explore the host of new technologies, such as online platforms and virtual reality, which are generating avenues to produce exciting new forms of content. was privileged to be a part of the Summit this year.  The highlights included a conversation with Academy Award-winning actress Alicia Vikander (Jason Bourne, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.) and film director Lisa Langseth (Pure, Hotell) about their new movie “Euphoria.” The film is Ms Vikander's first as a producer and she was very proud to present it at the Zurich Film Festival. She also participated at the festival’s ZFF Masters section where she discussed the contrast in skills required when producing and acting.

Zurich Summit After Party

During the Summit also had a chance to interview producer Ed Guinea (Lobster, Room) and Chief Executive Kirsten Niehuus of Filmförderung Berlin-Brandenburg.Guests and stars of the Zurich Film Festival, together with the Zurich Summit participants, and speakers were invited to the exclusive Summit Dinner at the Terrasse restaurant, in the heart of Zurich. The event was followed by the Zurich Summit After Party, where had a chance to talk about the new forms of producing with well-known directors such as Roman Polanski and Rob Reiner, as well as distinguished actors such as Moritz Bleibtreu and Glenn Close, who received the Golden Icon Award at this year’s festival.

At next year's Summit, plans to participate as a speaker in one of the panels concerning the future of casting digital platforms for talented individuals, and hope the main theme for the event will be Artificial Intelligence.