Fameuz Debuts At The 70th Cannes Film Festival 2017

May 30th, 2017

Cannes, France, May 30, 2017 – Fameuz, one of the leading casting portals for highly talented and competent individuals, marked its debut at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.

The Cannes Film Festival 2017, which took place from 17 to 28 May, was filled with movie screenings and sparkling events. The 12-day event creamed off the best of the film world, attracting not only the world-famous celebrities but also the most glamorous luxury brands in the world.

Launching the “Fameuz.com” global casting portal

A unique, notable thing about the festival was the introduction of “Fameuz.com”. The global casting portal, based in Switzerland, helps connect casting companies to talented individuals for free. Fameuz joined the glamorous Film Festival as an exhibitor.

Fameuz exhibited at the “Palais area” – one of the highest-quality locations at Cannes. The main aim of this exhibition, held specifically at the Cannes Film Festival, was to draw the attention of a massive international audience, allowing a great exposure to the online casting community. The exhibition intended to create closer ties with the industry artists and broaden the portal’s global database. In addition, it introduced fundraising services for emerging talents and projects.  

Fameuz, an emerging platform for casting professionals and talented individuals

In the field of media and entertainment, Fameuz is an emerging platform for casting talented individuals. At Cannes Film Festival, a bevy of show business people, including upcoming directors, producers, and scriptwriters, were welcomed as the target audience for the portal. The Cannes festival provided Fameuz with an opportunity to expand and enhance its database of talented individuals and casting agents. This database will provide numerous opportunities for the users in their career; and the casting agents in discovering and recruiting the right talent with the right kind of skill-set.

The ‘ease to use’, ‘efficiency’, and the overall ‘usefulness’ of the online platform enables talented individuals to connect with casting professionals, eliminating the role of a middleman. Users can avail this service without paying any fee, which motivates them to source jobs in the field of media and entertainment. Due to this free online talent sourcing platform, many rising talents have been introduced in the show business industry. Fameuz continues to live up to its reputation by delivering excellent services through matching making between the talents and the casting agents.


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