About the Online Course

This screenplay writing online course is designed to prepare the aspiring screenwriter for writing an original screenplay of feature film and understand how to sell it, by learning what Producers and Studios want, and more importantly, what they do not want.

After completing the 12 step-by-step tutorials and assignments, you will have created a complete and workable screenplay outline. This represents 25% of the entire screenplay creation process.

You will learn and immediately apply newly acquired knowledge, and most importantly, you will have the opportunity to receive personal feedback from Ralph DiBacco for each of the 12 completed assignments and your screenplay idea in general.

”Writing Your Screenplay” online course is Presented by Fameuz.com a global online community for media and entertainment industry professionals based in Switzerland. The company has a strong collaboration with the Hollywood experts from film and television sector and provides exclusive media education content with the high Swiss quality standards.


You can buy any of the lessons separately or a full course with a discount. If you bought a basic course package, you can always expand it by paying the difference and get feedback on all assignments or on individual ones. We give a 50% discount on the first lesson so that you can assess the quality of the material by paying a symbolic price.

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Take the first step to new knowledge and skills for a career as a screenwriter!

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