YouTube Channels for Film Fans

YouTube Channels for Film Fans

If you are a film enthusiast, you probably follow these essential movie channels. If you haven’t discovered them yet, it’s time to check them out.


This is a must-watch for those who want to see a different side to movie production: Jeremy, the narrator, discusses everyting going wrong in movies, such as plot holes, cliches, logical flaws, special effects, strange elements.   

In the CinemaSins library you can discover lots of movies, both critically acclaimed movie productions and severely criticized films. 

Screen Junkies

The channel is well known for its Honest Trailers, which uncover details and flaws in famous movies, its Movie Fights series and for its interesting movie-related discussions.

Screen Rant

Screen Rant is the channel where you can find everything related to movies: fun facts, interesting videos, jokes, bloopers, theories and more. The channel is not focused on a particular type of content, but it’s fun to watch, especially if you are a movie fan.

Movie Mistakes and More

If you always chase for goofs in films, this is the channel for you. The videos you will find on this channel show all about filming errors and other movie production mistakes. Even million-dollar productions can miss some details and this is fun to watch.

Channel Awesome

If you enjoy remembering old movies and you want to see how they hold up today, you will certainly love The Nostalgia Critic from Channel Awesome. Redescover your all time favourite movies and see them from a completely different perspective.  

Couch Tomato

If you are not a Couch Potato subscriber, you are probably not a big movie fan. Watching the videos on this channel, you will discover a lot of things you probably didn’t know about movies, and you will realize how alike movies are, looking at their plot elements.

What Culture

Looking for an online culture magazine, covering Film, Gaming, TV and more? This is the place to be. What Culture offers movie fans exclusive Top-10s, previews, reviews and other movie-related content.

Film Riot

This Youtube channel is all about special effects, stunts, editing, directing, screen writing, cinematography, bascially anything related to the art of film making. If you want to get a glimpse of how movies come to life, from start to finish, subscribe to this channel.

Cine Fix

If you want to discover secrets behind the scenes, film making details you weren’t aware of, strange things you probably didn’t know about your favourite movies, this is definitely the place to be. There are thousands of videos waiting for you, so you can start binge-watching.

Beyond the Trailer

The Creator of this channel and host Grace Randolph offers you movie reviews of Hollywood's hottest movies and trailers. If you want to check out if a new movie is worth going to, you can do that by watching a review of the major films that are about to come out. You don’t have to trust the official trailer. Subscribe to Beyond the Trailer and you’ll get the inside track on Hollywood’s hottest productions.

Of course, there are lots of Youtube Channels for movie fans out there but this is our selection of the most loved and watched film-related channels. Check out Fameuz for the latest news and videos on movie production companies, TV production jobs, music production jobs, celebrity fashion news and more.