Top 7 Naughty Celebrity Moments Caught on Camera

Justin Bieber's Toilet Turmoil

If you were a world-famous pop singer, you'd think privacy might be one the things you'd aim for, especially on a night out with your friends. Not so for Justin Bieber, who was filmed coming out of a nightclub, then urinating into a janitor's bucket. The video, of course, went viral and now everyone knows about Justin's dirty toilet habits. Perhaps he needs to go back to toilet training school.

Miley's Illegal Partying

It may be time to find new friends when the ones you have take advantage of your fame. Unfortunately for her, a friend of Miley Cyrus leaked a video containing footage of Miley partying hard with a bong and giggling uncontrollably under the influence of the drug. Parents of her young fans were not impressed; even so, Miley has continued her downfall with overly sexy antics on stage and in graphic music videos.

Lindsay Lohan's Light Fingers

After more than a decade making movies as a child and adult star, you'd think Lindsay Lohan would have enough money to buy her own jewels. Not so, apparently. The movie star was caught on a store's security camera stealing a necklace worth $2500. The world was informed and she's spent a lot of time lately in rehab for that and other offenses, including public intoxication and drug use.

Liam Hemsworth's Disgrace

Though he'd been touted as the next best thing in Hollywood, Liam Hemsworth disappointed his growing army of female fans by treating his ex-girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, to a show she didn't want to see. Only one week after breaking off their long-term engagement, he was photographed kissing Mexican starlet, Eiza Gonzalez. An outcry ensued, with fans losing some of their love for nice-guy Liam.

Kristen Stewart's Passionate Downfall

Everyone was in love with Edward and Bella from the Twilight phenomenon. The situation got even hotter when Kristen Stewart and Edward Patterson became an item. The entire situation blew up in Kristen's face when she was caught kissing her married 'Snow White' director Rupert Sanders. The world mourned for the end of a real-life romantic fantasy and Kristen's career took a bit of a dive due to the unprofessional relationship with her director.

Lance Armstrong's Cycling Nightmare

World famous for winning seven Tour de France competitions and a beloved sporting icon, Lance Armstrong had everything going for him. However, when he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs to help him win the events, the world went into an uproar and Lance fell off his sporting pedestal.

Chris Brown's Violent Times

Chris Brown's music career has been taken over by the repeated accounts of violence he's been arrested for. He reportedly shattered his mother's car window with a rock and was ordered into anger management. A felony assault charge came after he allegedly punched a man in the face with a closed fist and he's most infamous for beating up his pop-star ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.