Top 5 Celebrity Hairstyles For Formal Events

Top 5 Celebrity Hairstyles For Formal Events

Picking favourite celebrity hairstyles is a common option for indecisive fashion trendsetters. The strong influence of the media on public opinion today makes people want copy celebrity hairstyles off the magazine rack. Celebrity hairstyles are common templates for prom hairdos, wedding hairstyles, and up-dos for formal balls.

The only problem is, we may not have access to the most talented hairdressers in the world or the time to sit in the salon all day. However, there is a rising trend for women to want the most up-to-the-moment, stylish hairstyles.

Here are five of the most popular celebrity Hairstyles for formal events, to help you (or the woman in your life) have hassle-free hair that is both functional and fashionable.

  1. Nicole Kidman's Romantic Side-Ponytail

    With a windswept fringe and elegant side-ponytail, Nicole Kidman looks fresh yet glamorous at the same time. Create this look yourself by first sectioning a deep side part of your fringe. Pull the bulk of your hair into a ponytail on the opposite side to your fringe. Use a curling iron or a large curler to place one curl at the base of your fringe. Do the same for your ponytail to ensure your hair flicks up at the ends.

  2. Angelina Jolie's Casual Waves
    This hairstyle adds a casual feel to your formal wear. Start with wet hair and section it in three parts from bottom to top. Blow-dry the bottom two sections until they're completely straight. Lift the top section above your head and blow-dry from behind to create lift, ensuring you use a round brush to sweep the hair back from your face. Simply curl the bottom strands only with a curling wand and hairspray to hold it in place.   

  3. Kylie Minogue's Trendy Middle-Part
    Before attempting to do this style, check if a middle part suits your face. The style usually suits heart-shaped or oval faces. Wash your hair and towel dry. Section the middle part so that your hair frames your face on either side. Blow-dry straight, making sure you lift the roots at the back of your hair with a round brush.

  4. Anne Hathaway's Pixie Cut
    If you already have short hair, this fashionable pixie cut style is a breeze. Simply create a side part, starting at the very end of your eyebrow tip. Blow-dry flat so that your hair stays to one side. Smooth some shine serum over your new pixie style. If you don't have short hair, why not take the plunge and give it a go?

  5. Natalie Portman's Up-do
    To add Hollywood glamour to any dress, first part your hair on the side that suits you best. Brush your hair into a ponytail at the back, but rather than secure it with a band, twist it into an elegant French role by circling your hair in an upward motion and tucking into the crevice created. Hold your style in place by bobby pinning each section to your scalp.

Let these styles inspire you to make a change or vindicate you in your current style decision.

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