Tips and Tricks for Memorizing Lines as an Actor

Tips and Tricks for Memorizing Lines as an Actor

Memorizing lines as an actor can be difficult, especially when you must prepare for long, complicated plays and you have little time at your disposal. You feel that you’ve tried all strategies but nothing works? Here are a few tips that will certainly help you memorize lines instantly:

Write Down the Lines

This technique has been successfully used by many actors over time. Hand writing helps you remember your lines, especially when it comes to long scenes with speeches. Only writing down your own lines will help you improve your focus and avoid being distracted by the other actors’ lines.

Ask A Friend to Run The Lines With You

Ideally, you should run the lines with someone who knows your profession and can eventually correct your mistakes or offer you valuable suggestions. But, if your best friend is available, they can also give you a hand and run the lines with you several times.

Quiz Yourself

Quizzing yourself after you have read the lines over and over again is also a good technique for memorizing lines easier. You can either try reciting the lines without looking at them or cover one particular line with a piece of paper and try to see if you remember it.   

Read the Lines and Then Do Something Relaxing

Usually, the brains need some time to process new information and transform short-term moemory to long-term recall. This is why researchers suggest that, after memorizing the lines, you should go for a walk or take a nap.

Break The Script Into Smaller Parts

Especially when you are dealing with a long script, breaking it into smaller pieces could be helpful. You could start by memorizing one part at a time, repeating it and then moving on to the next. Also, memorizing the cue lines (the lines that lead into yours) is a must, if you want to deliver your lines perfectly and in time.  

Have You Ever Tried Rehersal Apps?

If all else fails, you can try using one of those rehearsal apps that helps you reherase and memorize your lines. The most popular apps for actors are: WeAudition, TableRead, Rehearsal Pro, Scene Partner, and many others.  

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