The Truth About Being a Celebrity Assistant

The Truth About Being a Celebrity Assistant

From the outside, being an executive assistant to the rich and famous is a dream job not only because of the six figure salaries, but also for being able to hang around the most influential people on the planet 24/7. But what is it really like to be a celebrity assistant?  What tasks must assistants accomplish and what are they not allowed to do? And finally, what you should do to become a celebrity assistant?

How to Become A Celebrity Assistant

If you aim for a career surrounded by cameras and glamour but you are not talented/lucky enough to become a movie/TV star, you still have a chance to get the life you want by becoming a celebrity assistant. Working for an A-lister is not easy, but the rewards are worth it, if you consider the excellent pay, as well as the opportunities to attend amazing shows, travel internationally, and belonging to an exclusive world. Usually, the personal assistants are hired through recommendations, which makes it difficult to land such a job. But there are also employment agencies which place personal assistants. Sending your CV to one of these agencies would be a good idea when you start looking for a job.

Getting experience in event-planning, brushing up on your people skills, having excellent tech skills, and landing a relevant professional job are steps that could take you towards your dream job.

What Does a Celebrity Personal Assistant Do?

You can expect to get all kinds of requests from your celebrity boss, from picking up the dry cleaning and buying groceries, to scheduling appointments, buying plane tickets, or doing homework for your boss’s kids. Anything is possible, especially if you work for a famous person who is known for his/her eccentricities.

The income of a celebrity assistant

Today, budgets are tight and there are a lot of candidates on the market, this is why landing an excellent paid job became quite difficult. There are a lot of personal assistants in LA who only earn 1000$/week. But if you are great at what you are doing and you get to work with big celebrities like Beyonce or George Clooney, you can earn up to 200,000 $/year.

 Rules celebrity assistant must follow on the red carpet

We all admire the Red carpet appearance of our favorite stars but most people don’t know it’s  the celebrity assistant’s job to get the stars “red carpet ready”. Besides, celebrity assistants must follow a set of rules when they accompany stars on the red carpet: they are expected to carry around things the stars might need, they must be ready to repair any wardrobe malfunction that might occur in an efortless and discrete way, they must help the clients avoid the undesirable interviews, and make sure the clients look their best in front of the photographers/journalists.

Many times, personal assistants may become friends with the stars they work for, but keeping a professional boundary between you and your boss is one of the major unwritten rules for personal assistants.

Being a personal assistant is a stressful, high-pressure job which requires determination, flexibility,  great attention to details and a lot of patience.  If you think you have what it takes, do everything that stands in your power to follow your dream.

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