The Importance of Networking for Aspiring Actors

The Importance of Networking for Aspiring Actors

I guess you have all heard this sentence at least once: “In Hollywood it’s all about who you know”. And it is true: success in show business is all about networking.  Being surrounded by talented, successful, motivating individuals is crucial for an aspiring actor. Even if you are extremely gifted, ambitious and serious, you still need to rely on your network to introduce you to the right people in the film industry. Here are a few tips for aspiring actors:

Engage with other industry professionals

You can learn a lot from your industry peers just by following their social profiles. Following other actors, directors or filmmakers will allow you to stay updated with the news in the industry, while communicating directly with these people will also give you the opportunity to find jobs or get invited to events. Many actors began their career relationships through social media.

Attend industry events

Attending the right events (screenings, charity events, parties, Q&As) is also a good opportunity to connect with the people who make casting decisions. It’s true that the admission to some industry events may cost a lot, but sometimes it is well worth the investment. If you know the right people (coordinators, publicists), they will be able to invite you to those events without having to pay for admission. Remember: the more exclusive the event is, the more likely it is for you to meet someone important there.  

Go to Industry Bars& Clubs

Even if you really enjoy going out with your usual crowd over the week-end, sometimes it is really helpful to make a change and choose a well-known industry bar instead.  Who knows, you might make an encounter that will change your entire life.

Be Real

Getting to know people doesn’t mean creating fake relationships with the sole purpose of achieving your professional goals. You will get the best help from people you have a genuine relationship with. Your old friends will certainly offer you a helping hand when in need and will squeeze in a good word for you when they get the chance.

Last but not least, always have faith in your personal and professional strenghts; self-confidence shows and it will help you when you go out and meet new people.  In the end, it is up to you to create opportunities and get people open doors for you.