The Alexander Technique: An Acting Approach

The Alexander Technique: An Acting Approach

Ever heard of the Alexander Technique? If not, as an actor it's very important that you understand this technique and everything behind it.

This acting technique is essentially a technique that helps you to re-educate the body and it also involved coordination of the body as well. The main focus of the technique is on self-perception of how the body moves, and there are many ways it can be applied. Just a few of the ways that this technique can be applied includes playing instruments, getting rid of back pain, improving the way that you breath, singing, and more.

History of the Technique

The history of the Alexander Technique goes back to many years ago. It is named after F. Matthias Alexander. He first came up with these principles back near the turn of the 20th century. He came up with this technique as a tool he could use to get rid of pain and problems with being hoarse that was affecting his career in acting. For 30 years he taught this technique and then he created a school to train other teachers to be able to teach this technique as well. You'll find that the technique is taught in a variety of lessons and it uses both verbal explanations as well as coaching that is hands-on as well.

Basics of the Alexander Technique

Well, this technique is seen more as a technique that students practice themselves and is not really a curative treatment. It is to be used while doing other types of activities. The main values of the technique that are taught include continuing education gradually and having physical freedom as well. Students learning the technique learn to change old physical habits that can limit them physically. This technique is to be applied into all activities in life and can be used for a variety of things.

Disadvantages of this Acting Technique

Over time, there have been some disadvantages to the Alexander Technique. One problem in the UK is that students have to pay for this education out of their own pocket, which gets expensive when you are paying for 20-40 private lessons on the technique. Also, the goals of this type of education can be difficult to reach, since they are based on other people's definition of success.

Benefits of the Alexander Technique for Actors

So, now that you understand a bit more about the Alexander Technique, you may be wondering how this technique can help you out as an actor. Learning and mastering this technique can provide you with many benefits. You'll be able to take your skills in movement and enhance them. You'll be better able to control your voice, your breathing, and more. Also, it helps you to prevent pain that can occur when doing strenuous activities that are related to your acting. It also helps you to keep yourself from using your own personal habits that are not in character and can even enhance your creativity as an actor.

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