Open Casting Calls - Are You The New Face They Want?

Open Casting Calls - Are You The New Face They Want?

Open casting calls are one type of audition you definitely going to want to check out if you are a beginner in the acting business. While these types of auditions do not happen all the time, usually they occur when a movie or a TV show is looking for a new face to use for the show or the movie.

So, more than likely at some point in time you are going to find yourself doing this type of an audition if you want to get into acting as your career. However, you’ll be up against serious competition, since this type of an audition is open to the public, and sometimes hundreds of hopefuls show up for the audition.

Where to Look for Calls

There are a variety of great places where you may want to begin looking. One great place to start looking is in your local magazines as well as the local newspapers. Often they will have advertisements for casting calls. You can also watch TV commercials since many are done on television.

Bulletin boards are another great place to find them. There are talent agencies that may alert you and you can also find a lot of calls at online websites dealing with acting as well. Of course, some of the best will come from an agent if you already have one.

Why Open Casting Calls?

So, you may be wondering why directors actually hold such casting calls for movies, plays, and TV shows. Well, there are several reasons.

First of all, many times a director does not want to use familiar faces in their show. Why? Well, just think of some of the famous actors you know and what you think of when you see their name. Most of the time you think of Austin Powers when you think of Mike Myers, or when you think of Sylvester Stallone you think of Rambo, or perhaps you see Arnold Schwarzenegger and think of the Terminator.

For this reason, some shows and movies call for brand new faces. Directors don’t want viewers to think of the actor in another role since some actors become tagged for life with a certain role that they play, so they cannot believably play another type of role.

So, for a fresh face in the acting business, one of the best places to get discovered as an actor is at these casting calls.

Don’t Be Too Selective

While you won’t want to go for a call that is far from what you are as an actor, you won’t want to be too selective either. If you are too selective in the beginning, especially as a new actor, you may find that you are not very likely to get invited to a call, which will lead to a lean resume.

So, in the beginning, don’t be too selective or you may miss some of the good roles that could get your career rolling.

They Offer Great Experience

While you no doubt want to get the role that you audition for, even if you don’t get the role, they offer great experience for you. The auditioning process can actually be quite nerve-wracking, and going through the process a few times is definitely great practice. So, even if you don’t get the part, chalk it up to good experience.

You’ll learn a lot about how the auditioning process works and you’ll learn more about the business, so attending open casting calls is a great experience, especially for newer actors.

Photo Credit: estudiocorazza