Learn Acting by Studying Your Favorite actors

Learn Acting by Studying Your Favorite actors

Learning acting is not for everybody, that’s for sure. It requires dedication, patience, talent and power to overcome all difficulties that you might run into on your way towards success. Because even the most ambitious and talented young actors will probably encounter difficulties at some point, especially at the beginning of their career.

There are plenty of learning resources out there

The good news is there are plenty of learning resources available, online and offline.  For instance, look for some really good books or subscribe to some professional online acting classes. Definitely, aspiring actors should take advantage of the internet as there are plenty of articles and videos about different acting methods. Also there are many helpful books  in the specialized sections of the bookstores. Besides, there is another way of learning how to act: by studying your favorite actors’ performances.

Being a couch potato is not so bad after all

Are you spending your entire week-end watching your favorite movies all over again? Do you know every line from your favorite movie by heart? If you thought you were hopeless, things are not as bad as they sound, actually. In fact, studying the performances of your favorite actor is a great way of perfecting your own acting techniques. Here’s how:

  1. Check IMDb for a comprehensive list of your favorite actors’ movies. Watch the trailers of the movies you haven’t seen yet.
  2. Create a list of the movies that you will watch and analyze in detail. Try to pick movies in different genres, to see your favorite star’s approach to different types of roles. Bring some popcorn.
  3. Begin watching the movies from the list putting down notes whenever you notice something captivating or engaging.
  4. When the movie ends, think about the scenes that created emotion, and try to detect what made you feel a certain way: was it the character’s body language, his voice, his energy and direction?
  5. Watch the selected scenes again and try to pay attention to every small gesture made by the character, his face muscles and his mimic.
  6. Finally, try to imitate your favorite actor in the mirror: mimic his gestures, movements, facial expressions, voice, accent etc. Even though your final goal is to create your own style of acting, this exercisecan be very useful for beginners.


After you have examined a few roles played by your favorite star, you can also do some research on the methods actors may have used while preparing for these specific roles. If you need guidance and assistance, Fameuz offers you access to our professional webinars, a rich source of information for young talents.