How to Get Into Voice Acting?

How to Get Into Voice Acting?

Are you highly talented, versatile, expressive, and fun? If you love acting, you’ve already had some acting jobs but you are looking for something new, why not give voice acting a try? There seems to be plenty of work in this area and the voice acting industry has become very lucrative lately.

 Today, voice acting is everywhere, from explainer ads to radio ads and audio books, so voice talents are in high demand. But is it hard to get into the voice acting industry? If you get some professional voice acting classes to polish your acting abilities, and if you find a good agent who handles voice actors, it might not be that hard.

How To Become a Voice Actor

There are many genres that need voice actors. You might choose to record for: podcasts, TV and radio ads, video games, audiobooks, documentaries, commercials, radio/tx dramas, animations films etc. Of course, not all these jobs require the same acting skills as some of them are more difficult than others.

However, all voice actors must have some essential skills, whether they are building a career or just do voice acting as a hobby. Apart from professional training, proper equipment and financial resources, voice actors must be highly talented in acting, and also skilled in voice recording, audio editing, and marketing.

To develop your acting skills, you can take up an online acting class, an improvisation class at the theatre, join an acting meet-up in your town, listen to many commercials and audiobooks to understand how your voice should sound, talk to other actors who already made it into this growing industry.

What Are the Earnings of a Voice Actor?

A voice actor usually has an hourly rate of around $250 or £250. If you get many contracts, you can make a decent living with your voice. However, you can start by taking small jobs and see how you can handle them, before transitioning into a full-time voice actor job. Don’t forget that this job requires putting up a home studio with professional recording equipment, soundproofing materials, demos, so there will be a lot of expenses, especially in the beginning.

How to Get Your first Voice acting job

Your voice over business will need branding and marketing to get clients and become profitable. Obviously, constantly improving your skills is a must because, only by offering good services to clients you can become a top professional in your area. Attending acting classes on a weekly/monthly basis is an excellent idea, not only for the professional advice you will get there, but also for the potential job recommendations you can get from your teachers and classmates. Talking to other professionals, brainstorming solutions and asking for recommendations are common ways of landing your first voice acting jobs.

Learning to become a voice actor is a complex but interesting task which might also become a very good source of income. We encourage you to pursue your dreams and stay motivated in spite of the difficulties. In the mean time, take a look at our inspiring online teaching classes and choose the one that suits you best. Good luck!