How to Become a Professional Model

How to Become a Professional Model


Do you remember the supermodels of the 90s?…We all get nostalgic thinking about the good old days when supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evanghelista appeared on spectacular catwalks looking amazing and radiant. If you are a young talent trying to break into the international modeling industry, we have gathered here a few tips and tricks that will help:

Connect with people in the fashion industry

Start by building good contacts, preferably with people already engaged in your industry. Just like acting, modelling is all about who you know and your success largely depends on the people you mingle with. Therefore, go to the right parties, make the right acquaintances, rely on your agent to introduce you to the right circles. Show these people the best version of you and stay optimistic.

Invest in a good portfolio

The best chance to show yourself is through a great portfolio. For this, you need a good photographer who has experience in working with models. Your modeling skills are also very important. The main purpose of the portfolio is to prove your ability to pose for many different styles of clothing and to adapt to different kinds of advertising. So, if you want a good portfolio, wear at least 4 different styles of clothing, hire a professional photographer and be yourself (don’t copy other models).

Always look your best

Modeling is an aesthetically driven industry, therefore appearance is essential. If you don’t eat right, you don’t sleep well, you don’t exercise enough and you don’t invest in good beauty products, it is less likely to be hired by a famous agency.  Your body is your most precious asset, so take good care of it if you want to become successful.

Invest in Your Education

But modelling is not just about having a nice physique. Studying and understanding posing is just as important as looking good. So, you need to practice runway walking and to learn how to adapt to different designers’ catwalk style. What separates a professional model from a rookie is the versatility and the ability to walk like a pro.  To gain experience, it’s essential to participate in contests, take up acting or modeling courses, and also try to stay focused on how you can build a brand out of your name and make your face a recognizable brand.

Leverage your social media presence

Developing  your social media presence (especially your Instagram account) may actually help you get signed to an agency.  Social media allows your clients to see another side of you: your real personality, your lifestyle and your interests. Most clients use social media to look up a model before they consider booking that model for a photoshoot. In this sense, you might consider Instagram as an extension of your portfolio.  

Be Professional

Above all, it is essential to stay professional: always be on time for business meetings, model casting calls, and photo shoots. When you feel low and lack self-confidence, remember that big models like Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss also had to work a lot to get to fame. Your time will come soon: work hard, constantly improve yourself and never give up.