How to Become a Movie/Tv Producer

How to Become a Movie/Tv Producer

Have you always dreamed of becoming a movie/TV producer?  Are you sure you fully understand what this job implies? Being the person who oversees all the aspects of a production (financial aspects, timeline, quality) is definitely not easy. But if you feel this is your true calling, we encourage you to pursue your dreams.

Just to make sure you have the big picture, here is a list of a producer’s responsabilities, education, necessary skills and competencies, as well as work environment.


It is usually the producer’s duty to:

  1. Hire staff, like the director, the crew and sometimes even the cast
  2. Coordinate all staff’s activities duting the production process
  3. Approve all the production changes
  4. Keep an eye on the completion of all post-productiuon processes
  5. Oversee budgeting, planning, marketing
  6. Ensure production goals are met


Producers are responsible for the final result, this is why this job can be very demanding. Big productions often hire multiple persons for this job, splitting the responsabilities between an executive producer who manages the big-picture aspects and a line producer who is charge of all day-to-day activities.

Educational background

Even though experience is more important than te educational background when you want to become a producer, studying film or theatre in college and having a bachelor degree can be an advantage.  Having a degree in business management can also be very useful when you must manage all aspects of a production.

There are many ways of getting experience in the entertainment business, from working as an assistant or an actor, to writing scripts or participating in internships.

If you really want to become a good producer, apart from having experience and degrees, it is important to have the right skills.


To be a good producer, you should be a highly creative person; producers are skilled at storytelling, and they are familiar with all the aspects of filmmaking. But, to successfully fulfill their role, they also need to be good at managing finances, planning marketing activities and coordinating the other people involved in the production. To sum up, producers mostly need very good management, communication and decision-making skills to deal with their every day duties.

To take the first steps towards a film producer career, you could take small jobs as an assistant to build valuable connections and gain the necessary experience. Also, look for production internships at local radio stations or televisions and take on some specialized courses to complete your knowledge about the craft and the industry.