Five Unbelievable Celebrity Surgeries That Went So Wrong

Five Unbelievable Celebrity Surgeries That Went So Wrong

Not long ago, Bridget Jones’ Diary actress Renée Zellweger showed up with a new and completely different face that sparked an intense debate over which is the better idea – accepting that aging is natural and “the way to go,” or doing some “touchups.” When it comes to Reneé, though, the majority voted: “Who is that woman sporting that face?” OUCH!

Noticing how so many celebrities decided to chop off what made them famous– their features! – I decided to compile a list of stars who went WAY too far to look…ahem…good?

Renée Zellweger

Let’s start with the adorable has-been actress who inspired this list. Renée Zellweger lost her squinty face to turn into someone you wouldn’t recognize even if she walked up next to you. I bet suddenly Renée stopped receiving the old “Let me take a picture of you?” and “Can I have your autograph?” right after stretching her face to the max. Hey, if you change your entire face, fans start pulling away. Just say in’. But we still love you, girl!

Tara Reid

Let’s talk about Tara Reid’s operation that went belly up. (Pun intended.) After having liposuction, Tara couldn’t wear a bikini for several years – not until she had corrective surgery to solve her horrid tummy tuck. Now, she’s happy that those lumps in her abdomen are finally gone, but her never-ending anorexia seems to go with her everywhere she flaunts her body. When is she going to fix her eating disorder? Girl, take care of yourself!

Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson was constantly teased about his noticeable changes. Not only did he become whiter and whiter —the autopsy showed he suffered leukoderma— but he also got his nose, lips, and chin done so many times, he ended up looking like an alien. Psychologists say this appeared to be a clear case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

Axl Rose

Sweet Child O’ Mine! Who would’ve thought Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose had his nose done? And that’s not all – he wanted to look forever young with a hair transplant and probably some facelifts. He needs more than that to look like the smoking hot rock star he was long ago. He’s still a badass, just with really different and unappealing packaging.

Lindsay Lohan

We cannot avoid talking about Lindsay Lohan as we are talking about excess, horrible taste, and excessive cosmetic procedures. Her intrinsic beauty was first ruined by getting uneven lips when she started picking at things that were “wrong with her” – probably because of the amount of heroin and cocaine she was taking. Her massive weight loss did not help at all either, as she went through a bad case of anorexia and bulimia. Now, this old-looking Lindsay resembles her mother, who is 50-something. You should have stopped a long time ago, honey!

This list can go on and on for ages, as so many young celebs are going under the knife before their time. So, can you think of other famous people who should sue their surgeons and be included in the list?