Film Festivals: how to get there?

Film Festivals: how to get there?

We are sure that many of you while watching red carpets of the film festival at least once has dreamt of being there: to wear beautiful dress or suit and  be among film professionals and celebrities. You thought it was impossible? I thought so too.

Last year while watching the photos from the Cannes, this dream to attend one major film festival once again came to my mind. I knew that the next major event will be in Venice. I opened the website and read that there is a chance for university students interested in films to apply for a student accreditation that allows you to watch almost every movie during the festival and it costs only 40Eur if you apply before end of May, So I did!!! I sent them my student certificated via the application and the next day I received confirmation of my acceptance and paid the fee. The acceptance letter, moreover, allows you to apply for a visa in case you need one and use the special boat (that takes you to the Island Lido where the Festival is held) for the attendees of the festival for free and, moreover, walk on the red carpet!!!

During the film festival I was able to attend every screening I wanted without paying any extra fees. Unfortunately, the opening and closing are only for people who have invitations. However, you can still enjoy the red carpet which I did! One of the most important things to remember is that you have to apply for tickets the day before at 12, as the tickets are sold out very quickly.

If you decide to buy tickets without being accredited, it is also an option, however a very expensive one. The morning film festival tickets are quite affordable, however, the evening tickets cost about 40Eur.

The same kind of procedure is in Berlin Film Festival too. For the Berlinale there are also student accreditations, however, unlike Venice, they require you to study films and your professors should apply on your behalf and the accreditation fee is 80Eur and the number of films that you can watch is very limited. For example, you can’t watch the films at the Berlinale Palace. Just like in Venice you can use your acceptance letter to get the visa. The tickets in Berlin, however, are much more cheaper—around 12Eur the most expensive one.

At the Cannes Film Festival, there is a completely different procedure. There are no student accreditations; however, the American Pavilion is always looking for the interns. Check out their website to find more information about this option. The tickets are affordable, but very hard to get, and the accommodation in Cannes is terribly expensive.

We hope that this information was useful for you. If you have any questions, please comment below; we will be happy to reply.

See you at the Festivals!!!