Dealing with Writer’s Block

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something that happens to every writer once in a while. It feels like your brain is frozen, and there is not a bit of creativity left. There are several possible reasons for this situation:

- You are afraid about the others’ opinion regarding your writing style
- The timing is just not right. You need some more time to stew your ideas before putting them down.
- You are a perfectionist, so you try to get it perfect in your head before putting it down. It never seems good enough though, so you just postpone writing for days on end.

Tips and Tricks for Overcoming Writer’s Block

There is no perfect solution for overcoming writer’s block. You must simply find the solution that suits you best. Here are a few ideas that worked for others and might work for you too:

- Go for a long walk. It is a well-known fact that taking a walk in the middle of nature relaxes the brain and boosts creativity. Simply changing the scenery might have a positive affect on your brain.
- Listen to some classical or jazz music. You might be surprised by its positive effects.
- Spend quality time with an old friend. Talking to somebody who knows you well and makes you feel good might stimulate your imagination and bring back creativity.
- Reading a good book or reading some inspiring quotes may also help you work through your creative block.
- Physical activities (running, skating, riding the bike etc) may also be a good idea to bring back your creative side
- A cup of coffee or a glass of fresh juice are also welcome in case you struggle with lack of creativity.
There are lots of ideas and possibilities out there, you just need to be actively looking for a solution for getting out of your mood.
Whatever you do, don’t indulge in any of these things: watching TV, procrastinating or making excuses for the situation you’re in.
Lat but not least, remember that we all go through difficult times now and then but the difference between losers and winners is that the former give up trying and the latter pushes through no matter what.

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