Celebrities Who Can Teach a Few Things in the Kitchen

Celebrities Who Can Teach a Few Things in the Kitchen

More than just entertainers, these celebrities have some style to offer in the kitchen. Being featured on various cooking shows, the following stars have contributed their fair share of delicious palate pleasers. We all want to eat and drink like the stars after all.

Gloria Estefan

Known for a sultry songs and dance numbers, Gloria is certainly one for a party. Gloria added her flavor by introducing us to her famous Salsa Criolla. She combines the perfect amount of flavor and heat, something definitely worth serving at a party.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is known for her ability to warm up to her crowd and make you feel part of the family. After you’ve had one of her Pomegranate Martini’s, you would truly want to be one of her family members to enjoy this cocktail on a regular basis.

Marisa Miller

Working for both Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s secret has certainly put this American beauty on the map, however, this leggy lass does not neglect enjoying her meals. Citing meat-free Enchiladas Verdes as one of her favorite meals, the recipe can easily incorporate healthier alternatives like zucchini and other grilled vegetables.

Kenny Rogers

This country singer does it old style and woos us with his corn muffins. For those who are concerned about their waists, however, this may not be the best option as butter; sugar and all-purpose flour are listed among the ingredients. These seem able to be frozen, so best keep them for a cheat meal.

Nicole Ritchie

A meal must be great if it gets this tiny starlet exited. Her Brussels sprout and bacon dish is set to have you going back for more, even if you don’t eat vegetables. Perhaps Nicole has discovered the incredible truth that bacon added to just about anything, instantly make any meal tastier.

Alfred Hitchcock

Scaring everyone who ever laid hold of his books or films, Alfred was after that shock factor. Lucky for us, this did not extend to his food. His tasty quiche Lorraine is set to impress young and old alike. Well balanced with just the right amount of meat and spices, this quiche will leave you feeling satisfied, yet, ready for another piece much like his films.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton has managed to keep her international fan base entertained for decades with her upbeat country music. A few lullabies and love songs made us fall in love with her all over again every time those tunes played. Let her 5 layer dinner sing a lullaby to your belly, this is one tune you want on your dinner table.

Julia Roberts

Queen of smiles has something that would cause you to smile even broader, her delectable fresh peach crisp. This recipe is another for cheat days, however, can be served with frozen yogurt to slice down on a few calories.