Best Websites To Check for Celebrity News

Best Websites To Check for Celebrity News

Every time something important comes up in the life of celebrites, it goes viral on the web. If you like to stay updated with the latest celebrity news, certain platforms are better than others. Here is a list of websites you can use whenever you want to get your entertainment news & celebrity gossip fix.

TMZ Magazine                     

TMZ website offers its visitors lots of exclusive celebrity photos and videos, instant coverage on the latest scandals in the entertainment world, and the opportunity to create a personal account to customize your experience.  What else could you possible wish for?

E! News Entertaiment

If you are a Kardashian fan, you can’t afford to miss E! Online, the online property of E! Entertainment Television. Check it out for the latest celebrity photos and videos, entertainment news and shopping opportunities.

Perez Hilton

Founded by a famous celebrity gossip journalist, Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr., originally named, has become one of the most popular celebrity blogs ever. If you are into celebrity gossip, quizzes and TV shows, that’s the place to be. In 2009, Perez Hilton also launched two bookjs that soon became bestsellers: Perez Hilton’s Red Carpet Suicide and Perez Hilton’s True Bloggywood Stories. The best sellers are must reads for a real celebrity gossip fan.

Yahoo Entertainment

Yahoo Entertainment is your reliable source for the latest TV, movie, fashion, and music industry news. You must keep an eye on the Yahoo website if you want to be the first to see the latest movie trailers and latest music videos, as well as the first to find out about the latest celebrity news.


Some people claim that reading celebrity gossip on Twitter is a “fun form of escapism” (Haley Scott, non-profit communications director). Is is distracting, harmless and almost as fun as real gossiping, but without the guilt associated with talking behind people’s back.

Most of the times, Twitter is the platform where celebrity news first breaks. So, following all your favourite celebrities on Twitter might be a better idea than constantly refreshing and Of course, there are plenty of celebrities who don’t use Twitter and some  of the tweets posted by celebs are not newsworthy at all, but Twitter remains an easy way to follow celebrities thanks to the customized email and text notifications.

Where does this fascination for the lives of the rich and famous come from? Alyssa Norwin, reporter at Hollywood Life summed it up pretty well in an interview for ManRepeller: “I think we find them fascinating because they’re just people who go through the same human problems everyone goes through. It’s comforting to put our problems aside to focus on theirs.”

To keep an eye on everything that is going on in your favourite celeb’s life, you have plenty of other sources: People Magazine, USMagazine, WonderWall, Gawker, ZimBio, HollywoodLife, RadarOnline, MediaTakeOut and many others. Or, you can stay tuned to Fameuz, the online creative community which offers you all the necessary information to get a showbiz job.