Acting Tips from Famous Actors and Directors

Acting Tips from Famous Actors and Directors

Nothing makes aspiring actors more motivated to continue their struggle towards succes than the tips and tricks coming from people who made it big in the show business industry.

If you read or watch interviews from big Hollywood stars, you wil notice all of them admit that at the beginning of their journey, they were inspired by the celebrities of their time. This is why we have gathered here a few tips and tricks that will hopefully be useful to the young actors who need encouragement and advice:

Lupita Nyong’o

The Oscar winning actress admitted she is always nervous about her new roles and she claimed that every single role has to be approached “with the same curiosity and humility.”  She also added actors should become “experts at starting over” because “it’s not about getting it right. It’s about getting it truthful.”

James Franco

The famous “Of Mice and Men” star stressed the importance of working closely with a director’s vision. Talking to Backstage magazine in April, he stated: “If I give a good performance, I give at least 50 percent of the credit to the director. That’s just the way to work in a collaborative medium.”

Amy Schumer

The “Inside Amy Schumer” star sugested that, to be successful, every audition should be treated like a rehearsal. When casting for her own show, the actress claimed she looks for actors willing to really commit to the delivery, a philosophy she also adhers to.

Emily Blunt

The Golden Globe-nominated star talked about the difficulties encountered by the people working in show business and suggested that, in order to reach stardom, young talents should “get the thickest skin possible”.

The differences between performing in live theatre and film

Although theatre and film are similar in some respects, they are in fact different art forms. Theatre is familiar, dramatic, lacking in editing and special effects, whereas film is less dramatic, and can be edited to show anything that is needed. Both theatre and film are visual art forms containing actors portraying characters, according to scripts, but they are not meant for the same place and audience.

Therefore, film and theatre actors must use different acting tecniques: if in theatre the acting must be over the top, so that people in the last row are impressed, in the movies cameras capture everything, so doing less than you would do in real life is best.

Qualities a successful actor should have or develop through study

Whether you are preparing for theatre or film roles, here are some qualities young talents should develop in order to succeed (according to importance voices in show business) : excellent skills, commitment, determination and respect.

Good acting lessons help you become very convincing and captivating in front of the audience. You also learn a lot about human behavior and can effectively convey the emotion that influences other people’s actions.

A great actor has a true commitment and constantly tries to become better, working hard and quickly getting over casting rejection.

A great actor shows determination and would not allow discouragement stand between him and the role of his life.  Also, a good actor proves a great degree of professionalism and respect for the entire crew, whether it’s craft, script, writers, or directors.

Always believe in yourself

Great actors are confident about their work and show that confidence both during the performance as well as in front of the public, to help create a good coomunication with their audience. In the end, if you have an innate talent that you are constantly polishing through hard work, it’s impossible not to succeed. Whenever you feel to stressed about an audition, remember Johnny Depp’s words: “If it works, great. If it doesn’t work, I tried.”

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