Acting Exercises

Acting Exercises

If you are taking an acting class, you may find that your instructors often use acting exercises to help you learn. There are a variety of great acting exercises out there that can be used to teach you about various types of acting.

Whether you are wondering what types of exercises are out there or you are interested in finding some acting exercises that you can enjoy on your own or with some actor friends, here are several fun and top quality exercises to try.

Using Props Exercise

The using props exercise is one of the best acting exercises for you if you need to work better with props. What you do is have one person take a certain prop; whatever you choose, and then come up with fifteen to twenty different positions or poses that can be done using that prop. It teaches innovation and helps you learn more about how you can effectively work with the props that you are using when acting.

Miming Emotions Exercise

Another of the many great acting exercises is the miming emotions exercise. Each person participating should be given a piece of paper that gives a certain emotion, such as anger, sadness, happiness, love, or hatred. Then they have to take their emotion that they have been given and mime it to the other participants. They then have to try and figure out what emotion the person is trying to mime. Each person should be given a chance to mime an emotion.

Finding Scene Locations Exercise Finding scene locations is a wonderful exercise to try out as well for actors. Essentially each person in the class reads the same script through. Then suggestions should be given for locations where the various scenes throughout the script should take place. If you are able to, visiting the locations to see if they will really work is a great idea.

Casting Exercise

Last of all, when it comes to acting exercises, a casting exercise can be helpful and educational as well. Essentially the people participating are divided into two groups. There is a group that is the casting crew and the group that are the applicants.

Give both groups a certain role that they are trying to fill. They should think of things to have the candidates do to figure out what their abilities are.

On the other hand, the applicants will also know what type of role they are going to need to fill. They should work to act in such a way that they land the role. This is a wonderful way to get acting students used to going through auditions and it gives them an inside look at what casting directors are looking for as well.

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