Film Promotion

As a member of the Fameuz online community, we invite our users to view short films, feature films and movie trailers submitted by filmmakers from around the world. Our platform allows participants to gain a worldwide audience for their movie while providing entertainment for our members.

After signing up for Fameuz, users will have access to a wide array of projects that independent filmmakers and production companies submit to our online platform. Examples of the types of movies and trailers posted to our platform include comedy, fantasy, thrillers, and action films.

Projects posted to the site include feature movies, short films, and trailers. Participants need only fill out a short form on our Submit Your Film page and provide a link to their YouTube or Vimeo page, and Fameuz users instantly have the ability to view their work. There is no better way for participants to gain notoriety and backing from independent studios for their feature project than publishing their work to our online community.

It’s just one of the benefits that participants in the Fameuz online community gets to enjoy. Watching feature-length movies and short films produced by some of the best young and emerging talent from around the world not only entertains but also connects our members, introducing them to actors, directors, producers, and other show business professionals they otherwise would never meet.

Independent film makers and film studios take notice of the participants who post their films and trailers to our online platform. Casting directors are always on the lookout for fresh faces to populate their next project – why shouldn’t it be you? Showcase your talent by submitting your movie to Fameuz.

Don’t waste another second. Get started today. It takes but a few short minutes to sign up with Fameuz, and join our worldwide creative community.